Feedlot System

The Allweigh Feedlot program incorporates custom software and hardware to give you complete control of all your feedlot activities.

The Allweigh Feedlot utilizes a wireless network system that lets you control, monitor and manage almost every aspect of your feedlot. This also gives you access to every scale on your feedlot, whether its a processing squeeze in your hospital, or a feedtruck at the far row of pens. All the activities associated with the scale can be monitored from your office or controlled from anywhere.

With a click of a button you can view the pens that are being fed and the current jobs that are still to be completed. Or look to see how many cattle have been processed and what treatments are being done. As the day progresses, you can manage everything as it happens, live.

Control, Monitor and Track:

  • Processing
  • Treatments
  • Shipping
  • Feeding
  • Inventory
  • Pricing

A central server controls the multiple clients and scales that make up the system. All the data is instantly and automatically transferred back to an extensive database. With this data it is simple to find out everything from daily weight gains, to pen feeding histories, to medication performance. All of the data stays at the feedlot, your data is your data, it is not controlled by an outside Vendor.

With online support, a backup can be stored at a secure remote server for data security. You can also monitor and manage your feedlot from anywhere in the world with this option. When purchased, the system is installed by our own technicians and all required hardware and software is supplied, configured and calibrated by us. There is no need for any other systems to be installed prior.

Any existing scales (Load Cell or Weigh bar) will be compatible with the Allweigh Feedlot System. There is no need for expensive indicators or remote displays.

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