Feedlot System

Feeding: Unloading

When the unloading screen is displayed, it will show the pens that have to be fed, with how much feed to put into the bunks. With the GPS tracking module built into the feed trucks Computerized Scale Unit, the system will not allow the scale to function unless the truck is at the correct pen as selected in the unloading screen.

Once selected for unload, an audible warning and a screen change is indicated when the correct amount of feed falls within a preset amount. If over fed, an alarm sounds and the driver cannot complete the feeding to the pen unless the overfed amount of feed is shoveled back into the truck. (This feature is also selectable) If the pen is fed within the proper feed amounts, the driver can continue on to the next pen.

Once a pen is fed, the server is updated and the amount of feed is logged. (Stored as individual ingredients.) Like everything else on the system, the data is instantly and automatically transferred back to the server, and can be immediately viewed by all clients, or searched for within the history.

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