Feedlot System


The Server is the central hub all clients and hardware are controlled by. It manages the connections, holds the data base, stores the settings, and makes it possible for every client to have access to every part of the program. This is how it is possible for one client to begin setting up the daily feed jobs, and another to start using them immediately after they are created.

When you setup medications, treatments, feed rations, scale calibrations, (etc.) everything is created once on the server, and can then be accessed by all the clients.

Management is also able to control who has access to what features or parts of each program module. Each employee can have a unique login and password. This also allows for logs of what each user is currently doing, or has done, over the course of a day or entire employment.

The AW Feedlot System is designed to handle the problems that can arise. For example, if the network goes down, or the server is accidently shut off, operation can still continue and jobs can still be performed. When normal operating mode is restored, the system automatically reconnects the clients and transfers any data that was accumulated. All systems are also equipped with power conditioning Uninterruptable Power Supplies.

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