Feedlot System

Office: Data Center / Inventory & Pricing

All commodities brought in, or currently in use, can be easily accessed and viewed. So if you need to see how much grain is left or how much is normally used for feeding, you can more accurately check if more needs to be ordered. When silaging, all silage can be weighed before going into the pit, and a shrink percentage can be applied to determine how much feed is on site. All drugs that are used and purchased can be tracked so that when any treatments are scheduled, drug quantities can be checked to make sure there is enough product.

Pricing can be applied to all inventory items, and searches can be performed to find any type of information required. Custom pricing for different clients (lots) can be configured, and totals can be calculated for billing purposes.

The Allweigh Feedlot System includes an extremely in depth search mode, in which every data field can be searched or cross indexed against other fields to find exactly what you want to know about your feedlot.

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