Feedlot System

Feeding: Loading

Ration Control

Multiple rations containing multiple ingredients or supplements can be created. All rations are based on a percentage of each ingredient.

Feed Jobs

No more paperwork for the feed truck drivers. When a feed job is created, (ie. A pen is selected and the amount of a predetermined ration is entered) the system will automatically update the computer in the feed trucks, and add the feed job to the list. Any feed job can be selected by any truck, but once selected, it is locked to that truck. Multiple pens can be fed at the same time if they are the same ration.

A history of what has been previously fed is displayed, so the pen checker can quickly see the trend. A simple + Or - makes feed adjustments to each pen quick and easy. As changes are made and pens are fed, all the data is sent back from each feed truck while it happens. Feed jobs can be created by drivers or office staff with the appropriate access levels.


When a driver is setup for a truck, all feeding that is done by that truck is tracked to that driver. The actions and status of the feed truck and driver are sent back to the server where they can be monitored live. When the driver selects the pens to feed, amounts are calculated to show the exact ingredient breakdown. Because no feed truck driver is perfect, the system will track the amount of feed that was supposed to be loaded against what was loaded, and show any discrepancies. (To both the driver and anyone monitoring.)

To further speed the loading process, a custom Allweigh Handheld Device can be used. The loader driver can view and select the ingredient needing to be loaded. Once the ingredient is selected, the handheld shows how much weight is needed and displays a live weight right from the truck scale. One handheld can be used with multiple feed trucks.

If needed, a rotation counter will be displayed and can track the exact rotations the feed truck performs for every load. The rotations are set with each ration (usually determined by a nutritionist) to ensure consistent feed for each load.

If a feed job is done incorrectly, and the driver needs to dump it into the scrap pile, the system tracks all the ingredients that were in the truck at that time, and logs them so that the commodities can be accurately tracked. The job can then be re-loaded. The scrap feed can also be used as an ingredient substitute. If for any reason, ingredient changes need to be made, it is simple for a driver to add or substitute an ingredient in the field.

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